Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last banjo to Clarksville

My review of Rock Band was published in the newspaper last Sunday, and you can see it at Techcetera here.

My son, who's quite good at Rock Band and Guitar Hero, downloaded "Last Train to Clarksville" on Xbox Live over the weekend. Actually, I was the one who wanted to download it, because Fortiscule didn't even know who The Monkees were.

As a follow-up to my review, I want to note that although I'm not such a strong Rock Band guitar player, I do practice on my banjo quite a bit. Thus it came to pass that I was noodling around on my banjo while Fortiscule was playing Rock Band this weekend. He played "Last Train to Clarksville," and I started picking out an accompaniment on the banjo. I started noticing which notes on the banjo corresponded to the little colored notes he was playing in the game, and we got it going pretty well.

Fortiscule agreed that the banjo sounded good with the Monkees. Looks like I made a banjo believer out of him!

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