Sunday, March 30, 2008

See my Rainbow Six Vegas 2 review

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 has the best customization features of any game I know of, including role-playing games.

That's one highlight of my newly posted review of the game, which you can read on's Techcetera blog.

I must thank several of my online friends for unknowingly contributing to my review during the course of talking or playing with me: Fortiscule, Fartknockker, TheJoeyMo, StylishFever, Daddy Rocks LV and the cryptically named IC3W01Fcp666 (Ice Wolf). I hope you'll all recognize your particular contribution.

Don't miss the cool stuff about the Barrett M-468 on the second page of the review. It was interesting to me, so I thought you fellows might find it interesting as well.

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Kudos to Sythbane for his last sentence in the last paragraph in his review of Vegas 2. That's just good writin':

Vegas 2 is worth playing and shooter fans will want it, but I keep hearing a lot of people online saying they expect the crowd to shift back to Call of Duty 4 when its new multiplayer maps are released in April. Vegas 2 may be blooming only briefly this spring, fertilized by high hopes but frosted with disappointment.