Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome jRySix to the squad!

Sythbane Squadron has added an important member: my brother, jRySix. I invite all of my online friends to add him to your friends list, too, and I'm sure you'll enjoy having him aboard.

So far, he's been learning the rappel ropes of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, playing some campaign missions with me. He's also dived into Forza Motorsports 2. He was a big fan of the PS2's Gran Turismo 4, so he's an excellent virtual driver right out of the starting grid in Forza. Keep an eye out for him in your rear-view mirror!

I'm going to have to buy an Xbox 360 steering wheel controller so I can race him. I'm totally inept on driving games without a steering wheel controller, but jRySix is good at it.

He also has a peculiar talent that some of you might discover soon, when you join him for a game.

1 comment:

jRy6 said...

I look forward to out-running as many friends as I can across the Forza finish lines. I was a Gran Turismo faithful. Now having driven the european sports cars that I love that are remarkably absent in the GT series, I am a convert.

I also look forward to gaining rank in RS Vegas2 by putting the smack down on some fools. "Wolverines!"

Thanks for the shout.