Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pyramid Head rules Imagicon

My son, the Pyramid Head!

Sci-fi fans were clamoring to have their picture made with Fortiscule at Birmingham's Imagicon last weekend. The whole Sythbane family had a great time. Fortiscule worked for weeks on his costume of Pyramid Head, a villain in the Silent Hill video game and movie franchise. He was quite the chick magnet, too.

Thanks to my friend Flying Monkey Joe and his ape overlord at, Fortiscule stars in the photo with their centerpiece story about Imagicon. Thanks, Flying Monkey Joe! May your little blue wings beat with bluster.

Below: Fortiscule charmed the lead dancer of the Corpsewax Dollies by helping them find the exhibit hall where they were scheduled to perform. Here, after the show, she happily posed with him!

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Fartknocckker said...

Well done, Matt. Pyramid head was a good choice. I have often thought it is one of the most unique characters in a franchise. Do I observe a little blush in the photo with the leader of the Corpsewax Dollies?