Friday, June 5, 2009

The art of sexy robots

All the years I've been reading science fiction, I've enjoyed looking at the fantastic paintings on the covers as much as reading the novels. The art of science fiction comes alive in movies and video games, and that's part of why I love living in sci-fi games.

I like to keep an eye on the pictures that flow through an artists' forum site called That's where I discovered this gorgeous painting called "The Showstopper" by Neville D'Souza. It's reminiscent of the sexy robot in the sci-fi classic film "Metropolis." There's also a similar, gleaming waitress who is briefly seen in "Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith," walking through a room with a sultry sway to her chrome hips.

I contacted Neville by e-mail, and he kindly gave his blessing for me to post his painting here on Sythbane Squadron for my friends to enjoy. More of his work may be seen on his gallery site. Like Senator Palpatine told young Anakin, we shall be keeping an eye on his career!

The great Frank Frazetta is foremost among my favorite artists, and others include Frank Cho and Dave Dorman and Terese Nielsen. I met Rowena Morrill at DragonCon in Atlanta one year and got her autograph on a print, and I was giddy and starstruck!

It looks like D'Souza may be joining that pantheon of gifted artists!

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Neville has a unique gallery. My favorite was "ethereal smile in dying sleep". It is was amazing what he did with virtually no color. I love how, as the lighting fades from center, muscle tone is enhanced rather than hidden. The texture of skin on the female face was very detailed as well as the shape and depth of the eyes and ears. Visceral.