Monday, July 27, 2009

A Falcon in the Basement

Cousin Crownshend has been building models in my basement while he visits our family on his summer break.

By day, he's "busting tables" or washing dishes at his summer job at The Restaurant at Campbell's Field. In the evening he's been disappearing for hours at a time, and then he emerges with a sci-fi work of scale model art.

He also spent a few Republic Credits at the local lightsaber store recently. You can see him perfecting the Jedi ass-parry below.

He has his eye on a Rebel Snowspeeder kit that's been collecting dust on my shelf for several years, and I think I might let him have a go at it. He's even working on a scratch-built Super Star Destroyer at his home base on Dantooine.

Check out Crownshend's various modeling projects at Cinema Models. If you leave comments, tell him you're with SB-S!

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