Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Midnight launch for MW2

I lined up with about 30 other folks at midnight at my hometown Walmart for the 11-10-09 release of Activision's Modern Warfare 2.

As soon as I got home with the game, I played about three missions of the campaign, and then dived into the multiplayer.

I was slaughtered in the first match by a bunch of guys who had apparently had the game longer than the hour-and-a-half since the game was officially launched. They already seemed to know the maps, and had unlocked high-level perks.

Then I found my Sythbane Squadron mates Bama Breeze and Smokin Buddy, and we teamed up for some multiplayer and started scoring some kills. It was a good start!

I made a few notes on Techcetera about the midnight madness, too, so check it out. Did you play the campaign first, or multiplayer? First impressions?

I look forward to playing with all my SB-S friends in days and weeks to come. See y'all online!

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