Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In Xbox Exile

Halo 3 is almost upon us, and in the meantime, I'm waiting for Microsoft to send back my Xbox 360 after they fix my "three rings of death."

Actually, this "three rings of death" term isn't really accurate, because it's more like three arcs, or three quadrants. They're talking about those little lights around the power button that show which controllers are connected.

HZG was afflicted with the tell-tale red lights, and his was repaired and back in his living room after three weeks. But last weekend, a friend at the local game shop said he knew of a guy whose repairs took 10 weeks! So now, I'm pretty worried. Are they getting a backlog of repairs, as people race against the Halo release? To make my anxiety worse, Microsoft has just posted an intensely cool live-action video of Halo combat. Take a look:

I got to play a little bit of Bioshock on my cousin's machine, but other than that, I'm back to slogging around with the old original Xbox, playing through Jedi Outcast. It's just not the same anymore, after getting used to the 360.

If you endured the Ordeal of the Three Rings of Death, how long did it take? Did you play an old system while you waited, or did you go cold turkey? Since I haven't been gaming much, I seem to be filling the time by starting blogs ...

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Shane said...

After I called Microsoft about the Three Rings of Death, it took about a week for the UPS box to arrive that I was supposed to ship it back in, then two and a half weeks to get it back with my now-non-dead Xbox.

Three rings to rule them all
Three rings to find them
Three rings to screw them all
And tech support to bind them