Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sythbane Squadron gets reinforcements

My circle of friends on Xbox Live continues to grow. I'd be proud to call these friends "wingmen" as the new members of Sythbane Squadron, if they want to join the formation.

The common thread among my friends in Sythbane Squadron is that we prefer polite, fun banter on Xbox Live, even while we're killing each other. You might hear any of us utter an expletive now and then in surprise or dismay, but you won't hear us using hateful, bigoted or insulting trash talk. We pride ourselves on good sportsmanship and helping to make Xbox Live a happy community.

D man 4270 is a friend of Fortiscule. Fort and I were happy to assist recently when d man got his Xbox connected to Live and went online. Watch out if you face him in SoulCalibur IV, because he packs a mean roundhouse kick.

You'll do well to give Bama Breeze the respect the lady deserves. I suspect this homegirl calls herself "Breeze" because after she shoots you full of holes, the wind blows right through you!

TeeBoan is a good sport and a gentleman. A good-humored shooter, he is a longtime member of the Ogreatti, the band of buddies who rally around Big Daddy Ogre and identify themselves with "Mr." as their clan tag.

Speaking of clan tags -- I've racked my brain trying to come up with a good clan tag to represent Sythbane Squadron. I came up with "squadron" for the blog name because it suggests teamwork and camaraderie, flying and fighting together, and patriotism. The problem is that abbreviating Sythbane Squadron yields "SS," and I'll be damned if I put those letters in front of my name and let anyone mistakenly associate me the Waffen SS or neo-Nazis, whose notions are evil and abhorrent. As Doc Holiday said in "Wyatt Earp," I disapprove of their very existence.

Do any of you Sythbane Squadron mates have proposals for a clan tag that would fit in the four- or five-character limit for clan tag fields and signify us appropriately? Please post your ideas in a comment or e-mail them to me.

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Bama Breeze said...

Thank you for including me in your blog. It is difficult, at times, for a female gamer to find a good room to play in. We females are sometimes accused of being "butch", 11 year old boys, 400 pounds,
and/or too ugly to leave our homes. Then, it can get worse from there if we happen to win a match! With that being said, I am glad to have met you and a few of your fellow gamers. It is refreshing to play with gentlemen who are playing for the same reasons I am: a love for the game and friendly conversation.