Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Motley Crue keeping us in the game

Fortiscule, jRySix and I attended the Motley Crue concert last Sunday in Birmingham, and we greatly enjoyed our collective Primal Scream!

The Crue is still going strong. They're from my generation, and seeing them so full of energy keeps me rockin', too. A song called "Go Down Swinging" on their autobiographical Saints of Los Angeles album makes it clear that they're not ready to yield the stage yet. Me, neither, guys. Keep crankin' it.

In addition to kick-starting your heart with rock 'n' roll, guitarist Mick Mars is inspiring to see. He has suffered and struggled with a rare bone disease that limits his movements, yet there he is in the spotlight, shredding on his Strat. He's shouting at the devil with an amp turned up to 11. The photo above is Mars playing a solo. It was grand.

Drum Roll

Speaking of rockers, last night jRySix and I joined Daddy Rocks LV for a few lively rounds of Call of Duty: World at War. We shot the shinola about music while we were shooting tanks, although those heavy metal monsters dealt us some misery. Daddy Rocks seems to have a different schedule than most of my other late-night gaming friends, but I hope he'll be able to circulate more among the gaming cadres of Sythbane Squadron. You would all enjoy his company.

Sythbane Squadron boasts several musicians: Daddy Rocks drums, jRySix and Fortiscule play guitar, Crownshend plays saxophone and piano, and I play banjo. Do we have more musicians among us?

I had the finest of intentions to step up my blogging when I posted that Red Sonja item, but then I got sick. I'm feeling much better, so I hereby renew my resolve. This time, definitely!

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