Friday, August 7, 2009

DLC Achievements: Phooey

By Fartknocckker
Sythbane Squadron contributor

Since achievements were launched with the Xbox 360, they have changed the way a lot of people play games. They not only boost your Gamerscore but record your accomplishments.

Gaining 1,000 out of 1,000 points gives you a sense of pride from finishing the job 100 percent. When downloadable content (or DLC, as gamers call it) is released that includes new achievements for that same game, your 100 percent completion status is automatically stripped away. The only way to regain it is to buy the new content and earn the new achievements. It is a brilliant strategy to increase sales of DLC.

Back in June, I was on track to unlock my last cheevo for Call of Duty: World at War –- reaching 10th prestige in multiplayer. I had been working on it for seven months. This feat would put me at 100 percent. On June 11, Map Pack 2 was released with -- guess what? -- new achievements.

Bye-bye, 100 percent!

Map Pack 3 has been released with yet more achievements. These two releases of DLC has dropped my 100 percent to 68 percent complete.

To add insult to injury, the new fall update will display the number of your completed games. This means that number will always diminish as DLC with achievements is released for games in which you have already acquired the original 1,000 points. Your completion status is taken away, and you have to pay to get it back.

Downloadable content is a great way to enhance games. I know in the grand scheme of the universe, this completion percentage gripe is not a big problem. But it nevertheless leaves me 100 percent annoyed.

Sythbane Squadron contributor Fartknocckker always gives 110 percent.

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