Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bow before your God of Thunder

While we're discussing superheroes, I must remark on the rumors about casting for a Thor movie. The rumor, repeated by the authoritative, is that Kevin McKidd is to play the god of thunder, although Marvel is rumored to prefer wrestler Triple H. I've been a fan of Thor since I was a kid, when I was known to dress up in a red cape and run around in the back yard waving a tack hammer over my head, doing my best little-kid impression of the Odin-son with Mjolnir. Here's my take on the casting issue:

Kevin McKidd would be superb as Thor. I watched the entire HBO series "Rome," in which McKidd played Lucius Vorenus. Anyone who saw that series would have no doubt whatsoever that McKidd is capable of the angst, intensity and ferocity of Thor. Who can forget the terrifying look in his eyes when Vorenus confronted the gangster who boasted that he'd murdered Vorenus' children? Or the murderous frenzy that possessed him in the arena when he fought side-by-side with his friend Titus Pullo? Not to mention the savage swordplay he performed in that scene.

Combine the fierce, brooding character he played in "Rome" with his deep, resonate voice, and his physical appearance, and you practically have Thor incarnate. Look at him in Roman armor. He wears the breastplate and helmet like he stepped out of history. And remember the character he played in another sword epic, "Kingdom of Heaven"? Another perfect fit.

He has the blond hair of a Norseman. His sharp nose and cheekbones makes it seem like he could even have been the model for the classic Marvel depiction of Thor, if that were possible.

On the other hand, Marvel is rumored to prefer Triple H. Now, I'm a fan of Triple H. You can ask my friend, Flying Monkey Joe, and he will confirm that I have long held the belief that Triple H should be in a movie depicting a sword-wielding character. But the character Triple H should play is a barbarian. The ideal role for him would be Kane from the Karl Edward Wagner series of books about the cursed, immortal son of Adam and Eve, the first murderer. That character is a movie gold-mine waiting to be discovered. But if nobody comes through with that, Triple H could be an awesome Conan.

Triple H could project the rough-hewn power and sinew of a barbarian anti-hero. The man is a tank. What wrestling fan can forget the way he continued a match after his quadriceps muscle TORE, even allowing himself to be placed in Chris Jericho's signature leg-wrenching hold despite the injury? Talk about Conan's mighty thews!

And speaking of Chris Jericho, I've long thought he could play a terrific Viking, too. Could he be Thor's sidekick, Baldur? That, too, might be a perfect fit.

So that's my assessment. Can there be any doubt that Kevin McKidd is destined to be Thor? I say thee, Nay! McKidd should go ahead and start growing his hair long.


Joe said...

I haven't seen Rome, and I know I should be castigated for it. But this McKidd gets his own show in a couple weeks called Journeyman, so I'll watch that and see if he has Thor-like potential. It's like Quantum Leap. I think.

He doesn't have a hammer in it, but it might still be OK.

HZG said...

People, you're all overlooking the painfully obvious choice for Thor.

Two words.


Wandering Soul said...

Now, don't laugh, but I think Triple H, dubbed as Arnie was in Hercules in New York.

Wandering Soul said...

by the by, Wandering Soul is me, Mike B.

J. Crowson said...

McKidd is perfect. I watched the Journeyman premiere b/c of him, and I still don't think it is going to be anything other than a Quantum Leap ripoff (but I will probably watch it again b/c of him).

J. Crowson said...

actually at the end of the premiere he wielded a big hammer and smashed up his patio...

and yes, if you haven't watched Rome there is something wrong with you.

The God of Thunder said...

You guys got me all excited about checking 'Rome' out...I am getting the DVDs today...Anyhow, my vote for THOR goes to the new kid on the block -- actor Nelson Tallaferro -- This guy's energy is just explosive and his an amazing actor. I guess the only drawback on other people's eyes is his fairly new to the industry...That does not stop him though, he is onto something!!!