Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rise of a Spartan

Now that Halo 3 has finally arrived, we can start mixing it up on Xbox Live. You can read my official review of the game here.

On the first night of online play, I ascended to Apprentice Grade 2 rank. I won a couple of slayer matches in the Guardian map, but I got pasted in the Snowbound map. I recommend everyone try logging in to bungie.net. You log in with your Xbox Live ID, just like you do on xbox.com, and bungie gives you a detailed record of every match you've played online, your achievements, lists your screen shots and video clips, and shows your profile. One of my favorite features is that it shows your custom armor on your profile, too. When you log in, check out my profile on your friends list, or search for Sythbane. It even shows all the games you played on Halo 2!

I like collecting and customizing armor, like you do in an RPG. Above you see my Halo 3 Sythbane character wearing my favorite tan-and-purple armor, with the gold-dome "EVA" helmet that I unlocked when I finished the campaign. It's cool, in a spaceman kind of way.

Playing online, I also unlocked the Scout helmet and then the ODST helmet. I was surprised that you don't to unlock all the pieces of the armor type at once. I've unlocked the helmets for those two types, but I haven't unlocked any chest or shoulder pieces for them. I've equipped the ODST helmet, but bungie.net must be overloaded because it hasn't yet displayed my new equipment.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone online!

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