Saturday, September 15, 2007

Xbox returned!

This week I cuddled up with this curvaceous beauty, caressed her pale white skin, and plugged her in ... to play Medal of Honor Airborne.

Our Xbox 360 is back!

It arrived Wednesday, arisen from the three rings of death. It took the minions of Microsoft only about 22 days (Aug. 21 to Sept. 12) from the time I shipped it to the day it returned. Actually, they sent us a replacement unit, so I suspect that as soon as they got mine, they sent out one they had already fixed. They might be fixing my original box right now, to send to somebody else down the line. If that's how it works, I salute them, because it means I got my machine back in plenty of time for Halo 3!

I just picked up Two Worlds at Top Games in Gardendale, so I'm about to try that out, too.

Anyone for some online sword fighting?

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