Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crush enemies, drive them before you ...

Here is Sythbane, wading into a King of the Pit match with gatling gun blazing. This is so cool I had to show you. Halo 3 lets you replay film of recent matches and capture screen shots -- freeze the action, adjust the camera angle and then snap it. You can also capture film clips. I was experimenting with this tonight and grabbed these screen shots. You can access your account on to find your screen shots, once you've saved them on your 360. Try it! We need more action shots of Sythbane Squadron members in action.

The next picture is me dual-wielding spiker pistols in a slayer match in the snowbound map. I'm wearing the Scout helmet in this one.

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Joey Mo said...

My Spartan > yours. I'm glad you enjoy this awesome game.

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